Should You File for Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

Should You File for Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

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No one is required to hire a lawyer when they file for bankruptcy in Texas. However, even the simplest bankruptcy cases require a lot of time, effort and research, which you must be willing to do on your own in order to have a successful case. Every bankruptcy case has its own unique complexities. Lawyers can help you sort through those complexities, but if you still want to file on your own, you need to consider all possible risks and rewards.

When To Consider Filing for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney

If you have a very simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, you may be able to successfully receive a discharge without an attorney. A simple case means your household income does not exceed the state’s median income, you have very few or no assets and you don’t have creditors accusing you of fraud. Meeting these requirements can make you consider filing without a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. However, you still have to consider the extensive amount of paperwork you’ll have to do, not to mention knowing the laws and procedures to help your case run smoothly.

Why You Most Likely Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Most cases aren’t as simple as the one described above. The worst thing that can happen is you avoid hiring a lawyer, and your case gets dismissed due to an unforeseen circumstance. An experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney knows exactly what to look for in every case and can help ensure you meet all the necessary requirements to have your debts discharged. If you choose not to hire one initially, you will likely end up needing one later, so it’s best to work with an attorney from the beginning of the process.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Are Advocates For You

People sometimes have negative feelings toward attorneys for various reasons, but it’s important to remember that your attorney is an advocate for you. They will do everything they can and exhaust their resources to ensure your case is in the best position to succeed.

Bryeans & Garcia have helped many people file for bankruptcy in Texas, even if they initially didn’t think they needed to hire an attorney. If nothing else, contact us to set up a free evaluation of your situation if you live in Fort Worth or Houston. You may decide at that point to file for bankruptcy on your own, but at least you will have heard the advice from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer before you make your decision.