Should You Negotiate with Creditors on Your Own or With A Lawyer?

Should You Negotiate with Creditors on Your Own or With A Lawyer?

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Negotiating with a creditor can be challenging and frustrating, but also extremely satisfying if you come out with good results. The biggest question is whether you want to negotiate with the creditor on your own or hire a good credit card negotiation lawyer to represent you. There are some obvious pros and cons to each, but if you want to improve your chances of succeeding, you would be much better off working with a lawyer. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a lawyer to deal with your credit card negotiation case, and why representing yourself may not work out with the best results.

Advantages of Hiring A Lawyer

A credit card negotiation lawyer has likely worked with many different creditors in the past. They know how creditors work, what their expectations are and how to best negotiate with them. Of course, each situation is different, but a lawyer at least gives you some leverage.

Secondly, how will you know if a creditor is following the law completely? You would have to spend hours, days and months reading up on the law to know for sure. Or you could simply hire a credit card negotiation lawyer to ensure the creditor is following all the laws. Lawyers spend a lot of time on each case, but if you handled it on your own, you would likely have to spend at least ten times as much time. Saving your time versus hiring a lawyer is generally a good tradeoff.

Why Negotiating on Your Own is Risky

If you choose not to hire a lawsuit defense lawyer to negotiate with a creditor, you’re putting yourself in a precarious situation. For one, you likely don’t know all the laws unless you went to law school. You’ll also be leaving many different options on the table. A lawyer may not be able to completely wipe away all of your debt, but they can usually help to reduce the lump sum payment, or negotiate for a doable payment plan. When you don’t hire an attorney, you could be hurting yourself more than helping.

Results Are Never Guaranteed

When it comes to lawsuit defense and credit card negotiation, results are never guaranteed. Every case is unique, and even the best lawyer may not be able to clear your debt completely. However, the chances of you reducing your debt or making the debt more manageable are increased when you work with a credit card negotiation lawyer.

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