Honesty is the Best Policy in Bankruptcy

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You’ve likely heard the statement “honesty is the best policy” in many aspects of life, and it’s also true when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The courts, and your Texas bankruptcy lawyers, trust you’re giving them accurate information, so their role is to verify the accuracy. As long as there are no glaring issues with your claims, then you could be in for a fresh start as a result of filing for bankruptcy. Get A Fresh Start With Bankruptcy Getting a fresh start after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy simply means you’ll get immediate relief from your creditors, and a discharge from...

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When’s the Right Time to File for Bankruptcy

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There are many reasons why you may think filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option. The bills may be piling up or you may have accrued a significant amount of credit card debt that seems impossible to get out of. Bankruptcy shouldn’t be your first option to get out of this debt, but sometimes it is the best option. The tricky part is knowing when to file. Speaking with a Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney can help make sure the time is right, but you can also take the following points into consideration. When You Can’t Keep Up With Bills You...

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Does Bankruptcy Affect Inheritance?

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One of the trickiest parts of filing for bankruptcy is when you receive a monetary inheritance, or inherit some sort of asset. You definitely can’t hide the inheritance from the court, but you also may want to keep the asset. The best thing to do first is look for the best bankruptcy attorneys in Ft. Worth or Houston for advice. Whether you wish to keep your inheritance or don’t want anything to do with it, your attorney will tell you exactly how it affects your bankruptcy case. The 180-Day Rule If you become entitled to an inheritance within 180 days after filing...

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Should You File for Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

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No one is required to hire a lawyer when they file for bankruptcy in Texas. However, even the simplest bankruptcy cases require a lot of time, effort and research, which you must be willing to do on your own in order to have a successful case. Every bankruptcy case has its own unique complexities. Lawyers can help you sort through those complexities, but if you still want to file on your own, you need to consider all possible risks and rewards. When To Consider Filing for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney If you have a very simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, you may...

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How to Prepare for Bankruptcy

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Filing for bankruptcy in Texas is easy as long as you follow certain steps and procedures, and also avoid taking certain actions. People will many times think they are helping their case by paying off as many debts as they can, but the reality is they are hurting themselves more than anything. Preparing for bankruptcy requires advice from bankruptcy lawyers in Houston to ensure you’re doing things the right way. Here are some other ways to help you prepare for bankruptcy. Speak to a Bankruptcy Lawyer First Speaking to a reputable and trustworthy bankruptcy lawyer in Houston should be done as early...

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